Just Me and My Thougts: Amethyst

The word of the day I got randomly from the dictionary is ‘Amethyst’ I was excited to stop on this word today. According to the dictionary: a violet or purple precious stone.

I totally agree with that definition, I love all things crystals! And two of my favourite books that I read and reviewed are  Zenned Out Guide To Understanding Crystals and  Crystal Basics

How and Why Did I Start to Love and Collect Crystals?

Well, I liked the way that they looked first of all, there are so many different types.  This is what drew me into the world of crystals. I think I got my first one which was a Rose Quartz, as a teenager. I was recommended it by a tarot reader I saw at the time. Looking back, I valued her input as what she ‘read on the cards’ did actually come to fruition in my life, she was not wrong. I maybe was in my teens around this time, and since then I have not looked back. I like to also collect books on them too. I also joined about maybe a year ago a subscription club for crystal lovers, you’re sent a bunch of random crystals and information on them each month. And it’s so inexpensive. This has really helped me to grow my collection, I just adore them!

 Second, not only that I like that these natural things from the earth hold ‘energy’ that can be very beneficially to a person, their body, their life, or even help with healing. Amethyst is one of my favourites because it’s my birthstone being February born. Also, the energy that Amethyst stones hold really resonates with me. They are protective stones that transmute negative energy and dissolve it, they enhance the ability to connect with the ‘higher self’, enhance meditation, they are classed as a natural ‘high vibration’ crystal. Meaning they are powerful!

How Do I Use Amethyst Stones?

I have them all over my house, placed in certain areas based on Feng Shui to offer protection, I also sleep with one under my pillow. I find that the energy of this stone really resonates with me personally, it helps me to feel calm and clear headed. I also have one on a neckless that I wear also.

I do have a few ‘strange’ experiences that I have had with crystals though. I have had a few over the years just go missing, as in disappear into thin air. I could not work out what happened, why it happened, or where they were. To this day I have still not found them. When I researched this, I found that in the metaphysical and spiritual world, they say crystals ‘go missing’ when their work with you is done. Or you no longer need that crystal’s energy, or even if the crystal itself needs a break from you LOL. I found the latter reason so funny, like a crystal has had enough of me? What did I do?

I did relace the ones that disappeared with new ones of the same kind, and they didn’t disappear. So, I can only imagine that the ones that did, had indeed ‘had enough of me.’

Overall, the word Amethyst for this ‘just me and my thoughts’ blog challenge,means a lot to me, it is astrologically a representation of me, it is a stone that I find pretty, and I love the healing properties that it is said to have for the mind, body, and soul. To me it is a very precious stone as per the definition, and it’s one that I will always be in possession of, and have around the home, or wear on me.

Do you like crystals? Do you like Amethyst? What do you think when you hear this word?

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