Book Review: The Goddess Pages 4 Lovely Stars. ( Non- fiction/spirituality) #TheGoddessPages #NetGalley

Thank you to NetGally for my free review copy. I had a wonderful time reading through this book of Goddess!

About The Book:

Every woman could use a bit of Goddess wisdom in her life.

Do you want to explore your personal power and claim your passions? Do you seek advancement in your career? Are you searching for love, or trying to get free of a bad romance? Do you wish you had more confidence and courage? The Divine Feminine is here to help you achieve the love, success, and happiness that you deserve.

Get ready to feel empowered: you are about to meet thirty-six of the most revered spiritual heroines from faiths and traditions around the world. Use this book to call upon each one for support, guidance, and inspiration in all areas of your life. Evoke their unique energies and strengths through rituals, meditations, gatherings, prayers, blessings, and many more fun and creative activities.

* Celebrate your true beauty with Hathor

* Unleash your dark and wild side with Lilith

* Free yourself from unhealthy relationships with Persephone

* Take aim at your career goals with Artemis

* Own and explore your sensuality with Oshun

* Find protection and healing with Tara

* Manifest spiritual and material wealth with Lakshmi

The Goddess Pages is a unique and empowering book that helps you connect with the strength and beauty of the Goddess―and experience the divine within you.

4 Lovely Stars!

This was such a empowering and enlightening book to read through, I am glad I got a copy. I found that the range of Goddesses covered is very varied, which is good there’s a Goddess energy to help empower every woman, no matter what situation she is facing, or stage of life she’s at. For me this really was the icing on the cake. I was also really proud, and in a way very happy to see that the author had accurately described and written about African Goddesses, from my own culture. Often times when I have read books like this and they are included, ( as they are the two most celebrated Goddesses around the world from the culture), the authors have gotten facts wrong, that could have been cleared up with a bit more research into the African Goddesses. So Kudos to the author!!

I recommend this book to all women around the world, no matter their age, race, background, or situation. There is a Goddess, ritual, meditation, and exercise for you to help move forward and achieve your goals. My only wish is that there was a bit more variety on the actual rituals or exercises themselves, that said there are two Goddess here that seemed to resonate with what I am currently hoping for in life! So of course I will follow up on the author’s recommendations, to see me through. The book is also not written from a ‘religious’ point of view either and I loved this, I loved the fact that the author has not tried to force traditional religion on readers, and it’s appealing to all no matter where you stand with traditional religion. 4 wonderful stars.

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