Book Review: iGifted by Kristi Tailor ( Romantic Holiday Comedy) 5 Stars

Thank you to the author for my Advanced Reader’s Copy. This book is due for release on the 24th November 2020. I’ve never read anything by this author before, I feel lucky to be an advanced reader. I must say, while it was enjoyable it was the ending that really satisfied me! I read this book in just two sittings.

About the Book:

Marley Samuels is determined to live her perfect life. That means accomplishing every goal on her vision board before her 30th birthday− simple goals, like being married by thirty with a blossoming writing career. But when her boyfriend of ten years, Asher Channing humiliates her by refusing to ask the big question and her latest novel flops on Amazon, Marley is left to her own devices. No husband. No big book deal. No Happy Birthday, Marley.However, a trip to visit Santa has her scheming up a plan to overcome her failed attempts at love and happiness. Pushing her pride aside and ignoring her extremely opinionated friends, Marley gives into the whim of 2024s latest technological advances. With android lovers being all the rage, why shouldn’t she take part in the fun, right? What’s the worst that can happen? Marley is about to find out.Note from the Author“Sprinkled with witty and comedic realities that women face during their twenties, thirties and even forties, iGifted is outrageously funny and authentically touching. As we watch Marley deal with betrayal, heartbreak and then the reawakening of herself, it literally brings tears to your eyes.” – Kristi Tailor

5 Unique and Entertaining Stars!

Typically, I don’t touch romantic comedy as a genre, sometimes I have found in an attempt to make the romance ‘funny’, the stories can come across as a bit …well, silly! This has been my past experience. I didn’t find that at all with iGifted. In fact I read the first twenty-thirty pages stood in my kitchen, as I made a cup of tea I opened the book. I found it hard to put it down. I was drawn in straight away.

What’s really interesting about iGifted is that it’s set in a futuristic sense, from 2024. I’m not one for spoilers but this is what was intriguing about it, and a key part to Marley’s story. No spoilers from me, let’s just say that the future feel of this comedy romance fit well, with the overall story-line. It really kept me interested in ‘what happen’s next.’ Also I could place myself in the future, in Marley’s situation, it was really cool as a reading experience.

I really enjoyed the author’s writing style I found it very engaging, active, lots of dialogue to keep my attention. I also found that the pace of the story was good also, it did not drag on. I finished it in just two openings of the book.

I found that all the characters were like-able apart from one, and as the story went on it was clear that this probably was the author’s intention. For her to not be like-able, due to the part she plays in Marley’s sad sudden life changing events. However it was good development as I read, I could understand why the character was how she was. The author did a good job at creating a character that was central to Marley’s story, and not a complete angel either.

The story-line itself is a very touching one, at times I felt sorry for Marley and wanted to hug her, at times I felt like I could shake her and say, ‘girl c’mon f*ck him!’ At times I was sympathetic to how events took a toll on her and her life, I did like Marley. She came across as a hopeless romantic, with a deep need to find her suitable life partner, and at times a complex heroine. I feel like the author told her story in a way that many women could relate to, and even sit back and think ‘what would I do?’ I found myself really hoping for Marley to find her happiness.

When all the drama unfolds, another change of events happen, then Marley’s ex-boyfriend comes back, this is where I was praying so hard that the author didn’t make Marley out to be a woman who can’t stand up for herself. Or even know her worth, and what she truly deserves. The ending for me and the happy ever after, panned out the way I would have encouraged Marley to go if I were really her friend. By the end of the book I felt like I was LOL. I had invested so much in wanting her to be happy. For me as a reader it was the ending that really left me satisfied. It rounded off Marley’s story nicely. I would have loved more on the lead up to the ending, some drama over the choices she made when it came to Asher and Austin, but this is after all a holiday romance comedy! And a very unique one at that. For me as a first time reader of the author’s work, five unique and very entertaining stars. The balance between comedy, entertainment, and futuristic love, and what love in the future could be like really was enjoyable. I recommend that if you love romance, holiday stories, and even comedy romance, stories that are unique and take you away from ‘what’s already done,’ that you head over to Amazon, here and place your pre-order. I must say I look forward to reading more of this author’s work. The 24th November 2020 is the release day.

Meet The Author

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Kristi Tailor spends her days raising her young daughter, teaching high school English, and writing interracial romance. Kristi’s hobbies include immense coffee drinking, ice- skating, beach bumming and binge watching Netflix. For the latest release dates and future book signing locations visit

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