Book Review: Behind the Horoscope. 5 Wonderful Stars! (Non-fiction/esoteric) #BehindtheHoroscope #NetGalley

Of course as a qualified astrologer myself, I had to snap up this book. I thank NetGalley for my free review copy. I am so glad I found it, I have bought a paperback. It really is wonderful, whether you are someone well versed in the science of astrology, or have no real knowledge at all.

About the Book:

Find where you belong using this groundbreaking book on astrological houses and see how the placement of the Sun and Moon within them reveals your life’s story. Learning the location of these celestial characters in your birth chart helps you protect your emotions, trust your instincts, and make your mark on the world. Featuring a wide variety of examples using three of the most popular house systems―Placidus, Koch, and Equal―Behind the Horoscope presents a unique and simple approach to chart reading. Discover how the Sun’s placement shines a light on your identity, vitality, and mission in life. Explore how the Moon’s placement illuminates your intuition, emotional depths, and where you feel most secure. Whether you’re a newcomer or experienced astrologer, this practical book offers new and exciting ways to know yourself and the incredible wisdom of the cosmos.

5 Wonderful and Informative Stars!

Whether you’re well versed in astrology or not, I found this book to be well written for the masses. So even if you don’t have a qualification, or done any formal training it’s written in simple terms that everyone can relate to. The book does cover and focus only on the importance of where a person’s sun and moon are placed, within the houses of life, in their own birth chart. All twelve houses are covered and how this energy can resonate in a person’s life. Keep this in mind, this is not a general book on astrology as there are eight other planets to consider, however the importance of the sun and moon in astrology is significant. So it’s very clear why the author has placed her focus here.

The interpretation is detailed and I liked the fact that the author (who is an experienced astrologer), has based her book on research and her own work as an astrologer, from interpreting a high amount of individual birth charts of real people. This was a major selling point to me, this is not ‘theory’ this book is full of tried and tested interpretations, based on what she found with ‘the masses’ of people she worked with.

What also was really lovely is that I read the information on the placements for my own sun and moon, in my birth chart, my son’s sun and moon. Was it accurate? Yes for me it was and made a lot of sense. The information I read on my son’s chart I had already kind of concluded from studying his chart before myself, but not in as much detail as the author was able to offer. It was a beautiful reading experience! Overall I recommend this book as a book for anyone who has an interest in astrology, there are things to learn and consider here as you practice, when it comes to the importance of the sun and moon in a birth chart. For those who just have an interest in the topic, because of the ease of ability to read the subject matter, and as it’s not over technical or ‘sciencey’ I recommend it. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive, it will sit very proud on my bookshelf. Note that to gain the full benefit of the book, you will need a copy of your own birth chart or the charts of people you wish to understand, to locate areas in the individual charts. But you can always get your birth chart done for free from many online resources, if you don’t pay an astrologer.

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