Male Authors of Colour Wk#3: Urban King #1 Erotica Author -Teddy Mack #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatteruk #blackauthorsmatter

Teddy MackI must say this is my guilty pleasure genre, erotica LOL.  Here’s one of our male authors of colour, what d’ya know about Teddy Mack? If it’s your guilty pleasure too?  From his Facebook interaction with his readers I find his posts very cheeky and amusing. I often find myself smirking or flat out bursting out with laughter. Here’s some fun facts .

Star sign: Libra

Fav colour: Red

Hobbies: Video games and writing.

Hails from: Detroit


Meet The Author

My name is Michael Anthony, but my pen name is Teddy Mack. The reason why I chose the pen name of Teddy Mack because it fits my personality and my writing style perfectly. Many people say I look like a cuddly teddy bear, so I guess you can say the teddy side of me is more of the gentle, romantic and loving side of me. But far as the Mack side of me is more of a edgier, rugged and Hood side of me. Plus my closest friends used to call me Mack, that I grew up with on the Detroit eastside street called Lappin (s/o to my Lappin fam 48205 7 mile). I put both of those nicknames together and came up with the pin name of Teddy Mack which best describes the type of stories that I write which are erotic, romantic, love and then at the same time Urban, real, ratchet and hood.
Im 33 years old.
Married with no children,
I take care of my younger brother Bam Bam.
Even in my younger years I’ve been writing school stage plays, comic strips and skits for local rappers.
My goal is to become one of the best authors and for many people Nationwide to read my books.

Follow Teddy Mack:  either one of the social network platforms @teddymack ( Twitter and Instagram) and also on facebook: Teddy Mack (DaAuthor)


Here’s a book Teddy Mack would like to share with you…

Teddy Book

22-year-old Noelle Clark was what you could call a good girl, she’s from the suburb area of Metro Detroit in West Bloomfield Hills and attending college with a full-ride scholarship at U of M. She’s the type of girl that would never be caught in the rugged Hood area in the city of Detroit. But that was until spring break approaches and studying in her dorm room all day had gotten a bit boring so she decides to visit her closest 32-year-old cousin Desirae who lives near the eastside part of the city of Detroit. While seeing her cousin already dating a dopeboy, Noelle is encouraged to fall for a young, up-and-coming dopeboy herself. A 27-year-old dude named James, which in the streets everyone calls him King James. She thinks that King James is a little average nickel-and-dime type of drug Hustler but little does she know that he’s one of the youngest up-and-coming Kingpins in the East side RedZone 7 mile & Hayes area. He’s also the leader of the blood influence street gang, Eastside S.H.K ( Savage Hustle Kingz ).
Sure King James has brought excitement into her little boring college school girl innocent life. And she most definitely was getting addicted to all the gifts and cashing out he was doing for her. But this eastside dope boy is going to turn this little good girl’s life upside down. Read and become a witness to all the friction, drama, indictments, and even death that comes from dealing with a dope boy. Watch how her innocent world comes crashing down when she faced with a decision that can tear down the whole S.H.K RedZone drug operation…… and oh yeah there’s going to be a big twist to the madness but you have to read to find out what happens.

Check out Teddy Mack’s Amazon author page here. If you pick up a book by him please leave him a review I’m sure he’d love it!

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