One Eerie Night

A nice lil’ suspenseful short story here. The writer has set the tone nicely, used the five senses to emphasis the eerie feelings. Good job!


The distinctive threatening atmosphere of the night has the nape of my neck on its ends. An invisible emanation of lurk. My phone is dead, I can not alert the man to wait for me by the bus stop. This drop off is a famous mug spot. I jump out of the kombi my heart literally leaping into my month. I take a deep breath to muster all the courage and strength I need to strut down the dark road. It’s so dark I can’t see anything except the dotted lights ahead from nearby homes.

The culmination of unfortunate occurrence is strong. Shit I am scared. I am prepared to scream my lungs out and run as fast as my preggy legs can carry me. I clutch my purse closer to my side. I am on high alert, my eyes darting from side to side. I am walking in the…

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