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I read my writing buddy’s post and wondered if she’s having a hard time? Or being judged for her writing style. I’ll be the first one to back the points she’s making in this post. Her writing style is too similar to mine to not feel her anger at being judged. She swears in her writing,she writes about controversial topics,she has portrayed a male serial killer. And that’s why I love her. That’s why fell in love with her work. After she read mine, I read hers and there’s mutual author respect. If you can’t handle a cuss word or two, if you can’t handle a serial killer or two, if you can’t handle a steamy sex scene… or two or three in my case. Then read damn chick-lit it’s as simple as that!

Didi Oviatt -Author

I’ve mentioned before that I’m from a small town. What I haven’t mentioned is that its a small “Mormon town” in Utah. That’s right folks I was raised by an LDS family and I grew up having  a certain perception of right and wrong pounded in my head. I however, am one hard headed individual, and somehow developed my own opinion, as many of us “sinners” do… Weird right? lol

To make things worse, not only do I NOT believe in a religion that’s so big on Joseph Smith, but I also like to drink wine and beer, and I write sweary books with naughty scenes in them!  *** Insert Gasp Here***

The point of this post isn’t to show what a rebel I am, or even to encourage those weirdo’s who think its cool to do naughty things merely for the attention. I actually hate that.  There is nothing that…

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