#00226: My First Novel!

I remember my first attempt at this writing game. Let’s wish this debut author luck and love!

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After almost years of wanting to write a book, and months of actually sitting down and trying to do it, I managed to force myself today to write something. The below took me exactly 3 hours to write. Writing is certainly not easy.

The Kingdom of God

            On his deathbed, King Kharban asked for all sons to gather around. His 12 sons, who were each a prince, stood in silent around his bed. It was slightly after sunset in the summer, but that’s not relevant to the story.

No one dared to speak before King Kharban opened his mouth. It was quiet, if it weren’t for the obvious vibrations coming out of their pockets. When Prince Kharboot, the oldest son and the Crown Prince, coughed and broke the silence, their heads turned to him just because the situation was getting boring and no one knew what to do. The…

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