Free Book! (Chapters Any Way)

Check out Author Gavin Ough.

Ough Zone

With the release of my latest book, Time To Turn Back, I want to offer you all the opportunity to have a read of the first TWO chapters for nowt!!

…for nowt!!

So here it is the free excerpt, let me know it you like it in a comment.


Chapter 1

I’m telling you, Kat, he’s the real deal, darling,” Leah said as she sipped a skinny latte.

Sitting at one of the pavement tables outside Mugs Of Hugs coffee shop, Leah looked over the rim of her own cup, eyeing her friend’s suspicious gaze. Crowds of pedestrians marched past on their way to the next bargain the high street had to offer or dashing back to their jobs after a quick lunch. Older couples waddled along, hand in hand, wrapped up like Inuit reindeer herders in spite of the seasonal warmth. Three younger men, dressed in worn jeans…

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