Book Review: Justice For Belle by Didi Oviatt A Well Deserved 5 Stars @didi_oviatt #CreativiaPub

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Okay, let’s get straight to it a lot of you probably know that this author is not only my co-author, but also a girlfriend of mine. Before anyone thinks ‘of course Kim will give her five stars’, let me tell you this is an objective review, removing the fact that this author I have a professional and personal friendship with.  If I ever read anything from this author that I was not feelin’ , I’d not review it, and let her know why. (She would probably do the same to me, and one star my ass too).

I am sad I missed our chance to Skype today, so I could praise her in person.  But I emailed and told her how proud I am of her, that one day she will be nominated for and win an award in the suspense category, mark my words it will happen! A best seller is great but that’s just financial praise, to be nominated  in your category for  your work  alone can reduce a writer to tears,  and really keep you going with your writing, beyond the money for a best seller.  I will say this is the best I have read of her independent work, she is talented, creative and a joy to work with.  I am proud to have an author like this rep the suspense category GO DIDI!!!!!


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Book Review: Justice For Belle 5 Stars

Thank you to R&R Book Tours for a free author review copy, in exchange for an honest review of this suspense and thriller novel.

I’m not one for spoilers, y’all know this so I won’t rehash the story line for you, but what I will say is, it is rather original and unusual. The female lead is actually a best selling author- a one time hit wonder. Her inspiration came from a crime she ‘committed’ while young. It never left her, the experience and the ‘thrill’ of the crime. Anywhoo… she crosses paths with who she thinks could potentially be her Mr. Right, no this is not a romance story in the slightest. But what I love is that there is an element of chemistry between the lead male and female. As I was reading JFB, the word I would use is I was very ‘intrigued’ by the story line. I was like ‘what? An author… murderer… and she’s about to do what??’ So naturally, that kept me reading.

As I was reading I wanted so desperately to find out if this female lead would really go through with the ‘plan’, in order to turn herself from a washed up writer into a best selling author again. Hmmm, no spoilers from me! Then as the story unfolded for me, it was the ending that pushed up that 4.5 to 5 stars, because it was so unexpected!! The author really did an excellent job at leading me to suspect certain things would happen, then they did not, then something else happened. Then, the author did what she is very good at (if you have read Aggravated Momentum her first suspense novel) you’ll know, that this author is good with the plot twists, that make you open your mouth, close it, then widen your eyes in a haste to turn the next page. The ending was for me really unexpected, and then the connection between the female lead and the male lead drops…. then the epilogue was like… ‘what??, oh Mrs. Oviatt!! Really OH WOW’… then you get the ‘wow’, I liked that story feeling.

This author writes  Sci-Fi also, and  I have not read one of her books in this genre. However, her suspense and thriller writing style is quick paced, she does not mess around, you will be drawn in. She also is good with creepy characters, and building on their personality disorders. She also is a bit partial to swearing,  a bit of sex too ( not so much here but in her first novel) so, if this freaks you out skip her, and save your damn 1 star review for someone who really deserves it.

I never found any plot gaps, I hate that I really do. When it’s just unrealistic or things don’t match up in the writing.  JFB is well written in my view.

The only area I would say I would have loved development on, and this is because I believe  know that this author is capable of it is, I would have loved to know more about Belle, also the female lead’s actual history. I also would have loved to have seen the ‘court room action’, or a trial over  the conviction at the end played out.  And what about the male lead?? I say this because I know she can write a good court room thriller scene.  That said, who knows there could be part two stored on her lap top and  I need to shut up…. oh the suspense. This for me could have heighten my experience, that said JFB is still a great read, unexpected and not a ‘predictable’ suspense/ thriller.

Somebody, nominate her for an award in the suspense category one day, the way she is going, she deserves it. From reading two of her I think possibly three suspense books so far, I am a girlfriend, co-worker and a fan. Great work Mrs. Oviatt.


Ahnia, has a very dicey past, one that is scratching under the surface, just dying to get out. She’s hit rock bottom, broke and desperate to be on top again. When she finds herself partnering up with man she hardly knows, and who’s utterly untouchable, she’s forced out of her comfort zone and left to question her own sanity. Will Ahnia and Mac’s dangerous business move be a success? Or, will Ahnia find herself in the clutches of an unforgiving force, brought about by her childhood sin? In this nail biting thrill ride, no one is as they seem… and no one is truly safe with those they trust.

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Meet The Author

Didi Oviatt is an intuitive soul. She’s a wife and mother first, with one son and one daughter. Her  thirst to write was developed at an early age, and she never looked back. After digging down deep and getting in touch with her literary self, she’s writing mystery/thrillers like Search For MayleeAggravated MomentumJustice for Belle, and New Age Lamians. Along with a six- piece short story collection called the Time Wasters. She’s also collaborated with Kim Knight in an ongoing interactive short story anthology The Suspenseful Collection. When Didi doesn’t have her nose buried in a book, she can be found enjoying a laid back outdoorsy life. Time spent sleeping under the stars, hiking, fishing, and ATVing the back roads of beautiful mountain trails, sun-bathing in the desert heat, along with watching the relaxing dance of a campfire plays an important part of her day-to-day lifestyle.

Didi can be found on her Website/BlogGoodreadsFacebookTwitterInstagram and most importantly AMAZON

Didi Oviatt



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