Abuse – Why women stay in abusive relationships

Ladies, this is very important reading. For yourself and so you can support others should you ever find that you need to support another female. Don’t leave her broken if you suspect something, help place her back together. Don’t stand for it. Note that the author of this article is 100% correct in her view points on emotional abuse. Sometimes that shit is worse than bruises. Please read, with love Kim.

My Worth


I’m one of those people who never understood why women stayed in bad or abusive relationships. A healthy percentage of women in the world stay in situations that are not conducive and often life threatening. This bracket is not limited to uneducated or poor communities, but you find empowered and talented women also in the same fix and I often wondered why. It led me to research more about abuse, the cycles, the psychology behind it and as I gained more knowledge, it became apparent to me that leaving is not as simple as that.

Many women do not even realise they are in these kind of situations because they have been brainwashed to believe what they are experiencing is normal. Looking back into my own life, I can already make out a past relationship that had the potential to lead to abuse. Abuse is not merely defined by the…

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