Do Women Authors Benefit From Using Initials?

This is an interesting article. I salute J.K Rowling as a writer. It’s a shame she felt she should hide her femininity. Me? I’ll never do it or use a non gender based name as a writer. Why? Because I rock! Lol no seriously I don’t believe in female writers hiding behind initials for book sales…. Only if it’s a personal choice to stylise or brand their name. I’ll always be Kim never Kevin 😆

Allison Maruska


Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Harry Potter book. Twitter and other social media platforms teemed with memories and thoughts about the series and its author, J. K. Rowling. There’s an inspirational “keep on keeping on” story about how many times Rowling was rejected by agents and publishers before someone finally saw how special her work was.


That tweet was in response to this one:


I didn’t dig enough to see what Oswalt was ringing the bell for, but the quoted tweet is a bit in conflict, it seems. Yes, Rowling was rejected several times and the takeaway is to never give up.


How is suggesting she use her initials part of the inspirational story? And maybe more importantly – should female authors take a cue from Rowling and also use initials to hide their gender from potential readers? Will their chances of publication…

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