Daily Writing Prompt: Youth – 6 months of labour I’ve given birth


Today’s WordPress writing prompt is a nice fit to what’s occurred today and how I feel after doing some reflection . About an hour ago I thought to myself I might live until I’m in my 80’s that’s 40 odd years of writing books. The thought thrills me! I’m still young(ish) and have a lot of years  in me to go and time to write and create. (God allowing of course). For the first time in ages I felt really young in a good way.

 For the last 6 months I feel like I’ve been in labour  with no pain relief LOL, writing and editing, and just give birth. Tonight I  finished editing all 28 chapters of A Stranger in France  and sent it off to my publisher. I’m sorry to everyone who I have not returned a call to, emailed back,  text back, or engaged with  promptly it’s been a mad 6 months. And now I am catching up with everyone- sorry.

I reflected further  once I pressed Send and watch my email turn from draft to sent, I’m at the very start of my career as a writer/author or ambition to become one, I still don’t know whether to call myself  a ”writer/author”  it does not come easy to say it for me as yet ….. even though I still have a day job  I’ve signed two publishing deals this year.  I still feel very  young and youthful in my journey.  Maybe I need take myself more seriously as I still see this whole journey as I’m just doing something I  really enjoy and have done ever since my school days. I don’t see it as a fame or fortune thing or having a massive street credit as a published author. But I need to realise I guess I am one or becoming one minus the ego!

So what have I learned now that I have completed the whole process of  writing and editing a book 93,000 words long originally now 89,500 long  to make sure it is  ready for commercial sale? It’s  bloody hard work, dedication is needed, focus is a must and a lot of late nights will be included if you have a family to juggle and a day job. But it’s all worth it 100% if you enjoy it. What experience will I take with me for editing book #2 for Christmas release and writing #3? Learn from my experience of making sure things are  consistent  it saves time.  It’s so easy to just, well, write but little things like tense, dialogue writing and use of point of view (POV)  need a ton more of attention if you want a speedy editing process. Writing a character’s POV can be a challenge at times, as you ( well I)  think it is fine, and then an editor says ” show don’t tell how the character is feeling” or ” you’ve slipped into the wrong POV.”   I’d also rest my work a lot longer before I go back and edit as I’ve found my eyes, brain and overall writing skill and sharpness are more on point with longer breaks. But in all my excitement I just kept reading and editing, doing my 3rd and final read through and edit I still noticed little things I’d missed as I was not as sharp.

So here’s  to being 33 years ” young” and starting my long journey to hopefully a successful international   author. I have a tough crowd to crack over in the USA in the books stores  to convince them this English chick is worth a shot! And lot of work to do to convince the rest of the world who hit up Amazon and look for a great romance story that my book is worth a read. But I hope during my young  years I continue to get better at doing what I love.


Here’s to being young! Fresh and shiny brand new.



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