Miracle Challenge Week #10: #1 Meeting You – Sweet Romance Story


My favourite day  of the week to write has rolled around again, Miracle Girl’s writing prompt challenges are up for week #10. 

Write a short story using sentence prompt” meeting you was the best thing that ever happened”

A smile creeps across my face, he’s such a sweetheart today he surprises me with a huge bunch of long stemmed pure white lilies. Forget roses, there’re  old school and dated there’s nothing like the beautiful fragrance of long stemmed white lilies filling the room. Lillies are much more chic and stylish much more” me”, than a bunch of roses – he’s the only man that’s taken the time to think outside the box when surprising me with flowers.

” Girl you are so lucky.”

Gloria my co-worker snaps me out of my day dream as she approaches my desk, and places her large behind on the corner then sits down.

”Yeah I feel lucky.”

” After all you’ve been through you deserve a good man.”

 “Thanks Gloria.”

After 10 months of the single life and unsuccessful dating  I never thought that I’d meet someone after Mark, he broke my heart. After five years together he just stopped trying, stopped playing attention and eventually we drifted apart. I refused to let go. I’d invested so much into that relationship I desperately tried my hardest to make it work. Eventually I told him to leave, I got fed up of giving and not getting anything back in return. The break up was messy and painful, for months I withdrew from everything. It felt almost like I’d lost myself and who I was.

I tried every dating site out there! Getting attention from men was not  the problem it was finding the right  attention from men,  finding one who I saw a future with. Then came Mr X, he sent me a message late one night while I was online browsing – window shopping I call it. Of course I was doubtful that it would lead to anything, but I played the game and returned his messages and smiley faces he sent me.  A 91% match we had according to the websites questions we both answered, one message led to another, then we spoke on the phone and eventually met up.

” So tell me, how did you snag this romantic soul and does he have a twin brother?” I let out a small laugh and look up at Gloria.

” Hmm well, no brother but we met online.”

”OK, and details? Girl don’t keep me in the dark!” I throw my head back and try to hide the cheesy grin on my face.

”OK, about a month ago I joined this new dating site, we got talking and found out we have a lot in common he likes to eat, I love to cook, he likes dessert  and has a major sweet tooth and I love to bake. One sunny Saturday lunchtime we met up, in Leicester Sq central London and head to the ice cream store.”


” Gloria!’

”C’mon don’t hold out on me now, I love to hear sweet romantic stories of people hooking up. It keeps me young and hopeful. How did the date go?”

I smile and look over at my lilies, the sight of them warms my heart further.

”His conversation was mind blowing Gloria my  God, we discussed everything from politics to the best flavour ice cream. He truly made love to my mind that day. Looks wise, his picture on his profile done him no justice. In real life he’s better looking I was quite surprised- tall, well dressed, he had great swag to him. Inside I was doing back flips over how cute he looked that day.”

” As simple as that right, you two just fall in love….?”

” No, not really he did have to work hard for my attention, I just kinda gave up after so many bad dates and Mark, but something was different about him from that first date, and he tried so hard to win me over, so I gave him a chance.”

” Aww so sweet, well I wish you both the best of luck.I better get going, this photocopying won’t copy itself, I catch you later Sam.”

I turn back to my computer screen and try to focus on work, my phone beeps with a message”

From: Mr X

To: Sam

Hey, how’s your day? 

I hit reply instantly

From: Sam

To: Mr X

All the better now I’ve received this beautiful flowers, I have them on the corner of my desk.

Just as I place my phone down on my desk to get to work, it beeps again

From: Mr X

To: Sam

Glad you like them, Sam I promise you I will treat you right. I know a lot of guys may have said this to you in the past, but I mean it I have a good feeling about us and honestly meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me after months of searching. We click and I like it.

I bite back a smile and hold off on my response, inside I feel giddy with happy feelings and butterflies you get during the honeymoon period of dating. I take a deep breath, I want to be honest about my feelings and let him know how I feel, at the same time I’m full of nerves learning to trust again is a big thing for me after Mark. After an internal struggle over honesty and holding back I decide -it’s time I moved on, and stop letting my past govern my future,I hit reply.

From: Sam

To: Mr X

Just  keep looking after me, and I’ll keep baking you cakes to feed your sweet tooth. After 10 months of unsuccessful online dating you’re like a breath of fresh air. xx

Mr X  over the last month has  made me feel special, alive, like I’m truly the only women in the world he has his eye on. He cuddles me non-stop, showers me with affection  and makes me laugh. Could this be it? The true love I’ve been seeking after a one sided dead end relationship that was heading no where fast. I hope so, as in my heart meeting Mr X  was the best thing that ever happened to me in the last 10 months of online dating.

5 thoughts on “Miracle Challenge Week #10: #1 Meeting You – Sweet Romance Story

  1. Kim, This is indeed a sweet romance story. I felt and enjoyed it. Glad that Sam found her soul mate in Mr.X after failures. The conversation was also lovely to see. Brilliant use of prompt sentence and congrats for completing challenge no 1 😃

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