Daily Word Writing Prompt: Paint

via Daily Prompt: Paint


Paint can be used to mask or decorate  so many things, the colour of walls, graffiti, finger and toe nails- like my picture above. I have no idea why I took a picture on my phone when I painted my nails these pretty shades a few weeks back. Anyway, the list of what paint can be used for is endless.  It can also be related to colours. What would we do without it? More to the point what would we do without colour?

 Think of a world where everything is colourless or just one colour-  What colour do you imagine?  Look around the room you’re in now, could you visualise it in just one colour? or what about colourless- see through?

I’m sitting in my favourite writing spot at my glass kitchen table right by the window, I can see trees, the next building where my neighbours live, the main road etc. In front of me on the table as always is a large vase of flowers, this week I have yellow and purple ones. It’s hard to imagine this room, my view from the kitchen window, the flowers or life just one colour, I can’t even decide on a ONE colour to imagine it as there are so many pretty colours out there. 

Short Poem: Paint

If I had to paint you, you’d be full of colour vibrant, alive and bold, caramels, browns, dark browns, blues, I’d really make sure I did a good job at capturing you my baby boo,

If I had to choose a colour to describe you, I’d choose yellow,

Like  sunshine, that’s what you are to me , my ray of sunshine,

In my mind, you’re one of a kind, so choosing one colour for you just won’t do,

Yellow, as you’re so bubbly and cute, blue as you’re just a tiny baby boy of only 2, 

Green as you’re like fresh pine scented air to me, when you run into the  room,

Stamping your tiny sized feet, laughing and shouting, then jump up and down on the seats,

Grey for your ” terrible 2’s tantrums” when you have them it’s not often but my god you have them!

I try not to be mad at you when you’re in a tantrum,  remember your mama’s baby boo, and after all you’re just a teenie tiny 2. 

A little poem for my  2 year old son, who I can see from the kitchen area where I am sitting asleep on the sofa, taking his afternoon nap. Looking gorgeous (as always)  with  his curly Afro out of his  normal braids- it’s  hair wash day today  he looks so cute 🙂 He’s my inspiration for today’s writing prompt.



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