Three Day Quote Challenge: Day #2

25+ Stirring Muhammad Ali Quotes

I so  couldn’t decide what quotes to go with today for this challenge, I was torn between 4 of them, I ended up with these 2 in the end. Tomorrow I’ll battle between the other 2 for the final day of the challenge.

You have to believe in yourself! No one else may at first. This quote  from Muhammad Ali reminds me of this all the time. A great champion (with a big ego), he felt he was the best and went on to be so. I’m not saying we should all walk around with an ego the size of Big Ben  (London’s landmark clock tower)  …. but have belief you’ll be amazed what it can do for you.


NEW YEAR, NEW CHAPTER_ 20 Quotes About Life, Creativity and Travel ___

This is just the writer in me, who loves to write fictional stories using a lot of imagination to sometimes shock and grab a reader’s attention not everything I write is pretty and pink -especially in the crime genre, but it can be applied to life as well, why just go from A- B. Think outside the box? In doing so you may just become a more happier, successful, all round better person.

Today I nominate everyone who reads this to take part in the challenge.



Thank the person who nominated you.

For the next 3 days post a meaningful quote.

Nominate at least 3 people each day.



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