MiracleChallenge week #6:#2 Poem-, Which Way is Heaven?


Write a poem using the below two prompt words: heaven and right

Short poem

Door 34 or door 64 which way should I head? I really need to use my head,

I look to the right this gives me a fright ,I see  stairs that go way up into the air,

I wonder what’s  up there?

I look to the left, I think this path is best left, 

It doesn’t look like  a path that’s well kept,

Overgrown bushes, thorns and weeds, this is not the kind of path I need,

Which way to heaven???

Did  I miss it? Should I have taken a right, at gate  7 or what about  11? 

A voice said Kim, this is it, use you female  initiation as  your map, please Kim try to avoid going back,

 I have to go back, I’m looking for heaven   I think it was at gate number 7,

I don’t listen to the voice, in life we all have a choice! So I’m making mine I’m leaving this path behind,

I’m ganna head back  and take gate number  7, yes use my female intuition to help take me to heaven,

When I get to heaven, I  hope the gates will be open, 

In my pocket I feel for it-  my token, the voice said it  will make the gates open,

Who will I see?

 Standing on the right God, Amy Winehouse, Nelson Mandela, Prince, Micheal Jackson may be?

  I’m turning back, using my female intuition  as my map, I’m making my way to gate number 7 I’m sure that’s heaven.


3 thoughts on “MiracleChallenge week #6:#2 Poem-, Which Way is Heaven?

  1. This is a very beautiful poem, Kim. Way to Heaven. Other side Hell with thorns, bushes, weeds. The question going on and answering. And finally when you enter heaven, you have another question. Definitely you will see God 😇
    But, I believe MJ is in Hell for his child abuse acts. As more and more facts are coming out about him 😒
    Back to your poem, I enjoyed it. Perfect use of prompt words
    Congrats for completing challenge no. 2👏😃👏😃👏😃


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