Writing Prompt: Back To The Future… Dear President Zelenskyy

You know as I sat down behind my laptop today, I only had one goal while I wait for a delivery: write a chapter! … or maybe two. The progression of the novel I am currently writing is in my head, but as always something will come up as I’m writing, and that one chapter goal may turn in to about two or three.

Before I set to work on this I wanted to just freely write, I don’t even have anything in particular to say other than, ‘hello March!’  This time of year I really enjoy as we move out of the cold and damp of winter ( in Europe), and move into  spring-like weather. I also really enjoy watching the changes in nature take place. The start of a new month always brings some kind of intention setting for me, this month it is to work on writing more blogs, and return to  book tour hosting for other authors, basically resuming to ‘service as normal’ before I took a break.

I cracked open my 365 days of writing prompts book from WordPress.com, dusted off the pages, and under today’s date the prompt is: Back to the future, write a message or send a letter to someone in the future! Great.

Dear President Zelenskyy,

It was so great to see you on the news the other day, announcing that the Ukraine has successfully overthrown all the drama that has been brought to its shores. How are your wife and children? I heard you mention once in an interview that you don’t get to see them often, are they well?

 You know, now that you have reached this milestone, I started to wonder what it is that you would do next for the Ukrainian people? I  imagined  that maybe you would  hold some kind of memorial service for those who lost their life in battle, and those who were victims of the unsuccessful Russian occupation, what do you think? Maybe you could even televise it as I’m sure others around the world would like to watch. What about the day that you were able to declare the war is over, just last week? Will you declare this some kind of national holiday for your country? It was also great to hear that the Ukraine has finally met all the criteria to become part of NATO. How about a book? Do you write at all? I’m sure you have plenty to say on how you managed the situation.

I never imagined in my lifetime that I would ever see something play out like a full scale attack on another country located in Europe, by one of its neighbours.  I just want to say that as I have watched you on television, giving speeches, communicating with people in your country and around the world, and always wearing your army clothing  while doing so! That I always felt you did a wonderful job as a president. You are a very young president also, this must have been such a challenge in your political career. Do you think you will run for another term? I’m not sure on how the presidential elections work in the Ukraine, but I hope that you consider it, after this success for your country I’m sure your people would welcome you. After all look what you have done for your country! You will surely go down in history as one of the Ukrainian’s most memorable presidents. Historically also, no doubt your name will be mentioned in books, records, and all kinds of places for being a president who overcome an attack on his country in the twenty-first century.

I really do hope that you are able to rebuild your country on a strong foundation, now that you are back in full control of it. The homes, businesses, and landscape that have been damaged I sincerely hope will flourish again for you.

Anyway, it was just a short letter of encouragement, congratulations, and support. Great job done! Good luck with whatever you do next in your political career, even if this means you step back and take a rest from it all. Give my love to your wife and children also. Keep well.

Well, as I wrote that I could not help hoping that this is a real manifestation for the Ukraine, that they reclaim what is rightfully theirs and they rebuild all that has been lost. I still find it hard to believe that it’s been one whole year since the war against the Ukraine started. I’m still at a loss to fully understand why this is necessary. I will say that the aid  other countries have provided has been good, and while there might be pressure from other countries to supply what is need in terms of weapons to the Ukraine, I can full understand the hesitancy to do so. The backlash could be very real, and before we know if other counties are also attacked. My thoughts continue to go out to those in the Ukraine, and their president.

Happy 1st of March! I hope it’s a wonderful month for you, what are your plans? Do you set intentions?