Week #14, Romance Writer’s Challenge: It Started With One Too Many Ideas! #MFRW

It’s week #14 of the challenge for romance writers, to write about each topic of the week for 52 weeks. This week it’s story inspiration. My current writing project is a complication of four (could be more!), romance novella length stories around 25-30k words each. They are all based in a paradise/  an exotic setting and country eg “romance set in paradise series”  ta-da great idea.

The idea came to me as I simply had too many ideas for short stories,  I even spilt one full romantic suspense novel  story idea I had in two, by cutting out one stand of the story and ended up with another possible idea! I have a large notebook full of creative ideas. One day as I flicked through I  wondered to myself how the hell will I write all of these? When will I find the time ? If I’m focusing on (at the time) my full length romantic suspense.. hmm the mind boggled. Then I buckled down and thought okay Kim, put them into one book, then I was like but there’s no theme they are all random stories. Most romance complication books have a theme eg  billionaires, historical whatever they are not random.

I gave it a few days then I went back to the note book, and started to write the first story (Havana Heat) this story I  set in Cuba from when I first brainstormed with the story line. I don’t know why I went with Cuba, it was probably damp and miserable in London at the time. Then it came to me, use an exotic location for them ALL where possible keep the original story lines but just move the location.

I was thrilled and excited as I love location writing, and setting a story in a location that I need to research about if I’ve never been, or recreate from memory as I have travelled there myself. So it seemed like an ideal project due to my love for transporting readers to another destination and myself as a writer into another destination. Especially when London is wet and windy it’s great escapism for me as a writer.

So that’s how the theme for my romance in paradise series came around.  And I can’t wait to share them all with you!

If you’re a writer where do you get your inspiration from?