90 Days of Writing: What Drew You to The Genre You Write? #90DaysBlogChallenge

Really cool question for day #3 of the #90DayBlogChallenge. There’s really only two authors and books to answer this question! I became a writer in the genre I cover (romantic suspense, crime,thriller,mysteries) from being a big reader. And I mean BIG reader.

This is the exact cover and copy that I have, I read it years ago! I just stumbled upon her books in a charity shop. This was the first ever romantic suspense that I read, and boy was it a good read! So good I went on to read every book she ever wrote before she passed. I always have to pay homage to Jackie Collins for her influence on why I gravitated naturally towards romantic suspense from this one book I read. While we have very different styles of writing, Jackie is naturally I feel a very talented and good story teller. From what I remember there were so many plot twists in this book! Also in her Lucky Santangelo series of books. It’s also cool that Jackie was a British author, even though she lived in the USA

When it comes to crime/thriller/mystery/suspense I must say one of the biggest influences came from reading Faceless by Martina Cole. Another British author I love. While our styles again are very different this book was a page-turner to read. Another one I picked up in a charity shop years back! This cover has changed so many times, but this is the original I have.

Generally, I am really drawn to romance as I just love the gene to read. Suspense as the sub-genre as I like a story that moves, has twists, and things to keep me interested. I like to write stories like this too for readers. Mystery, thriller,suspense, and crime again as a massive lover of it to read, I think I naturally gravitate here because I love to read it. That said, within both these genres I like to create stories with more diversity, location based in different parts of the world, and stories I would love to read!

If you’re a fiction writer what drew you to the genre you write? Let me know, blog it, join in the challenge link your blog below. Or just leave a comment.

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