It’s Release Day For Unsolved Mystery Book 3!

Yeah! Another one added to the Unsolved Mysteries series tooooooday! This time the mystery is based in Florida, and surrounds a twenty year old cold case. Let’s take a look…

Who or what to believe—the evidence or a killer on his deathbed?

A convicted murderer confessed to the kidnapping of a depressed housewife, Mariya Crosby, twenty years ago. But in the present day, the evidence clears him of the crime.

Detective Dominic Ruiz is under pressure to close in on the truth and fast. The problem, Ruiz has one confession, one witness, and one devoted husband with a different version of events that lead up to Mariya Crosby’s disappearance twenty years ago in Florida. The more Detective Ruiz follows up on the leads, the more things don’t add up. He has one of the biggest mysteries of his career to solve.

A single question has lingered unanswered for twenty years, what really happened to Mariya Crosby the day she never made it home from work?

Out now on Amazon here:

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Have a wonderful weekend, happy reading.

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