‘Growth’ a Writer’s Best Friend…I’m Serious

Yep, I am as serious as a heart attack about this one, I recently went over some of my old work, if you remember I said I found a short story on an old USB from around 2019. Love Lost and Found, which is currently on pre-order for an October release for just 99 cents.

As I’ve added it to the ‘Romance in the City’ series I was writing way back in probably between 2015-2017, I went over The Red Room, the first short story in this series. I pondered re-writing it as I read it, as I could see how six years after I wrote this short story how the style of storytelling I naturally have has adapted, given I wrote it around 2015.  It was part of a romance anthology originally back in about 2016. And when the publisher asked us if we want to take back our rights to our work,  once the project was over, I said, ‘yes please’ and self-published it back in the day just in an e-book. So, nope I’ve not changed the story plot as I love it, I always will, I had so much fun with it, it’s a rather steamy romance. But I did adapt my style of writing. I also placed it in the past tense and changed some of the character’s points of views. The big excitement is this short story it’s being narrated as you read this, so It will be in audio also, I have a fantastic narrator, and it’s also now ( six years later finally) in paperback with a brand new cover.

If you’ve not read it, or even if you have and fancy seeing the changes, for the next two days you can directly download it here on this link: https://storyoriginapp.com/directdownloads/3443a608-74da-4c4d-9881-f34d9b241f94 for FREE.  Check out the new paperback and e-book cover below, I really am in love with it.

I think todate as a writer, going back over probably one of the oldest things I have ever written really has shown me that yes, ‘growth’ and the ability as a writer to see how and where you have changed, reallly is your best friend! And it’s no lie when I have heard others say to me when I first started writing, that the more you write, and the longer you do it for naturally you really do just adapt,, grow, see how you would or would not write something, and of course get better. It really is an amazing feeling looking back more than five years.

The Red Room is now out on Amazon, in paperback and e-book and it’s only 99 cents as it’s a short romance, a really quick, steamy but enjoyable read!

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