Children’s Book Reviews: By Author Wanda .L. Roberts

I came across these two wonderful children’s books via Facebook. I thank the author for my review copies. All opinions are my own. I have to say they were both a very quick, good, and educational read for my son, and very entertaining there’s lots of activities thrown in!

About The Book: Join Pep Pep and Tara as they celebrate Tara’s first birthday!

This first book I’d give a solid five stars my son ( seven years old), loved it. We read through it together, well I read to him. He enjoyed listening to the party preparations and looking at the bold colour pictures. As well as the real life picture of a dog. The icing on the cake I think (for me as a parent) is that, this book has so many educational activities loaded at the back. From word-searches, spelling practice, and pictures related to the book to colour in. I really was impressed with the variety in the book, I didn’t expect it. Often I do see activities in the back of children’s books to help check a child’s comprehension, but this book is different. There’s a mixture of fun and education. Not just checking comprehension. I highly recommend the paperback version, so you can photo copy or use the activities directly from the book.

About the book: Join Tara and Pep Pep as they explore the local 911 academy and learn what to do in an emergency!

This book here, I’d give a solid four stars, I so wanted to give it five! But it’s the wider appeal that would have been lovely for both me and my son. This is because ‘911’ is the number used in the USA only, it would have been wonderful if there was reference to the different numbers used around the world. Or just a statement about this so children understand that. While my son was able to grasp the concept of the story and learn ‘what to do in an emergency,’ I had to change 911 to 999 for my part of the world. I understand that the author can’t reference the emergency number for every country, but reference to the difference around the world would be good educational learning , and easy for us parents to make the link that 911 is exclusive to the USA. However, this is a very educational book, and the serious concept of what to do in an emergency is well pitched to younger readers. There’s a wonderful variety of fun activities at the back. My son loved them all we printed them off. Overall four solid stars and I highly recommend this read also for children.

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