Book Review: ‘Broken Past’ by Cara. L. Silver (YA Romance) 4 Stars! #100BooksChallenge

This is for sure one for young adult lovers! It’s a powerful story if you enjoy this genre. This is book #9 of my #100BooksChallenge

About the book

California always seemed like the great place to start over, or so I thought. But my broken past continues to haunt me, even in the City of Angels.
Camden Carter, a mysterious law student, walks into my life and begins to shatter the walls that took my entire life to build.
Somehow, I end up right in the middle of a replication of my past that I can’t escape.
I was always fine being alone; I actually thrived in it, but I soon find out that Cam is the lover that I never knew I wanted.

Will I finally find the strength that I never knew I had?

4 lovely stars

From reading the blurb I had no idea the characters would be YA, so if you like your romance themes a little more mature, keep this in mind. Often I find it hard to connect with the female leads in this genre, being over thirty-five myself. However, Broken Past was a quick read, and it was enjoyable to see the trials and hardships of young love develop. Without giving spoilers ( I hate that), the story-line is one that will touch you. It follows a female lead who has been through a lot for her tender years. As I read and started to warm up to her, I did ‘feel for her’ and hoped she’d find her happy ever after with Cam. I would say the most enjoyable aspects for me in Broken Past was Cam, and the role he played in this young lady’s life. He’s a hero in every sense! I liked how he fraught for his girl, and really wanted to love her. I enjoyed the ‘wooing’ he did and how much he proved himself. It was also lovely to see the growth the main female character has, as she moves to a new city. It was a well-written story, if you love clean and sweet romance, enjoy following younger characters, and the different dynamics that this has compared to general romance, I would give this a try! 4 lovely stars from me. It’s free to read on Kindle Unlimited also.

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