Book Review: His Fetish by Sanyar. R.I (Urban /AA Psychological Thriller) (5 Stars

RIDamn, my face as I read this book. I was so gripped. I came across this author’s work on Facebook and decided to give it a try not really knowing what to expect, I’m a new reader of her work. The first thing I will say is that this book has a very strong psychological thriller feel to it with the plot. The author has it listed as African- American and family drama fiction but wow! It’s a ride!!

About the book:

A liar and a cheater, those words are sitting on Annette Rhone’s heart. Her woman’s intuition has been rocking her world and causing her to doubt her husband’s faithfulness. Like most women, they have one person to turn to and for Annette, it’s her mother. After bringing her assumptions to the table, Annette soon realizes that she may have come to the wrong person for advice.
Jeremiah loves his wife Annette more than anything in life, but an ugly temptation is making it hard for him to stay on the straight and narrow. The woman living two houses down is every grown man’s weakness, a woman with a pretty face and a small waist. Jeremiah now must lean on a higher power to help him remain on such a faithful path. However, like most temptations, Jeremiah’s will stop at nothing to gain his attention and throw him off of his path.
In this highly anticipated novel, you will find out if Annette’s intuition is right or will Jeremiah stay faithful and true to his one true love.

Kim’s Review 5 Gripping Stars

Like I said I’m new to this author’s work, however, I was really  gripped from the opening chapters. I read it very quickly, and at times did not really want to stop reading. What I really enjoyed as I read was how the author weaved a number of plot lines related to each character into the story. There was much more than what meets the eye, Annette and Jeremiah’s stories are central of course, but the lady who Jeremiah crosses paths with and her best friend are central. I was very intrigued by the sub-plot of Chauncey the male best friend. I won’t give any spoilers but his own ‘issues’ really made me want to read part two, as well as how part one ended for the main characters.

I found the female lead who Jeremiah crosses paths with very well developed, her drive, motivations, and what she was after are really what gave this book a ‘psychological thriller’ feel for me as a reader. Often I read books that are placed in this genre, but sadly the author has not developed the ‘crazy’, ‘mystery’ , or ‘drama’ around their characters, they’re too soft to be believable.  Or there are no challenges, given what the characters are after.  Not this author she did a great job.

The plot moved quickly, and is told in a first person account of each character, I enjoyed this style of story telling. Overall, this is a complex plot based on what happens when one man steps out on his wife, the dangers that can follow, and one woman’s intuition about her husband. As well as a woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants along the way! And another man who wants her crazy ass LOL. No spoilers from me. I recommend this book to all those who enjoy urban fiction, that’s not stereotypical with drug dealers and gangsters there’s none of that here. This is real life  relationship drama! Also, those who love fast paced psychological thrillers, family dramas and sagas, that are diverse with a dash of urban life! It was a five star read for me I will read part two. The book does end on a cliff-hanger and normally I hate this, I like some kind of conclusion, but with this book it was the perfect way to end to send readers straight to book #2. I would and will read more from this author as from my reading experience her work crosses over well, into genres I personally love such as thriller, but the beauty is also the ‘urban’ fiction side to it. At the time of writing this review it’s free to read on Kindle Unlimited too. Check it out if you like the sound of it.

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