Male Authors of Colour Wk#3: ‘Urban King’ #6 Author ThomasJ! #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatteruk #blackauthorsmatter


Let’s meet ‘Urban King’ #6  in our male authors of colour line up….

Meet The Author

Thomas Mclauchlin Jr., is an American Storyteller and creative writer.
Raised in Yorktown, VA Thomas honed his passion for creative writing from an early age by scribing stage plays through high school and later as a lyricist, captivating audiences by telling realistic stories in music form.

In 2006, Thomas attended Miami Film School and it was there he was able to watch his screenplays come to fruition and his passion for turning words into life became reality.

Thomas being a fountain of ideas, quickly discovered that producing a screenplays was a costly and time consuming endeavor. He was encouraged to write novels where his ideas could be published as quickly as they freely flowed from his creative mind.

Poet, short filmmaker, artist, social activist and raconteur. Thomas doesn’t just write. He tells the story that must be told and as it can only be told through his pen.

Thomas lives the simple yet rewarding life of a proud and blue collar employment while staying active in his community and professional writer groups

Thomas J is a proud single father of two and works diligently as a warehouse foreman. He is active in his community and an exceptional motivational speaker. No matter how engaged he is in life activities, he is never a stone’s throw from a pen and a great story.


Here’s a book he’d like to share with you today, his debut book…

ThomasBookGrowing up in the hardened streets of Newport News, Virginia, Caterrious Mitchell, is an exceptional teenager who excels in school, avoids conflict and works part-time job to support his growing family.

However, when Caterrious is mistaken for a criminal on the run, it sets in motion a sequence of events that not only shakes his faith in the justice system but challenges legal precedent and turns the city against itself.

More importantly, ‘The story of Caterrious Mitchell’ raises a question, if a persons’ life is legitimate danger, does he have a right to defend himself, even if that person wears a badge?

“Every page of ‘Justified’ is so emotional and powerful that it will keep you salivating for just one more chapter” Check out Amazon here.

If you enjoy urban fiction then you may wish to follow this author’s Amazon page here. if you do read his debut novel, please leave him a review I’m sure he’d love it.

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