Male Authors of Colour Wk #3: Urban King #5- Fiction Author Joel Akwete + Giveaway! #blacklivematter #blacklivematteruk #blackuthorsmatter

Danny All right! So it’s day fourteen of the male authors of colour line up, and we’re moving from the USA to Africa!Let’s meet our 5th ‘Urban King’, from what I  know about Joel , he is a talented script writer as well as general fiction writer. He comes across as a family man, someone who is very dedicated to faith, and  generally a positive and upbeat energy! 


Fun Facts About Joel in his own words:

I’m a Virgo that best describes me. Out of all the star signs, this is the only sign that comes close to who I am. Maybe I should create my own star sign lol. May favourite colour is white. I love to sing, watch movies, write, play computer games and I love playing soccer.


***Giveaway Alert!***

Here’s  a book Joel would Like to share with you today . There is also an audio version and he is giving away an audio book to one lucky reader!Just enter your address here.

Joel BookStarting from age six, Diana had suffered from ten different successful rape attacks against her from ten different men starting with her Uncle and then her Father. Diana’s life became a complete mess. Depressed and broken, she turns into what you might call a sex addict, a slut or a whore.How did she get to this point? Is this the final destination of her life? Will she survive through it? Will there be a happy ending for her?

Check out Diana’s Agony on Amazon here. And enter the giveaway for an audiobook here. Closes in one week!




Check out this author’s Amazon page here Joel Akwete seems to write across a number of genres, and from what I hear there is a book on the way. Please leave him a review if you enjoy, I’m sure he’d love it.

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