Male Author of Colour Wk#2: ‘Book boyfriend’ #3-Romance Author Lawrence Hall! #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatterUK #BlackAuthorsMatter

LH picOhhh we have another ‘Book boyfriend’ alert! It’s #3,  one of our male authors of colour to take note of, romance author Lawrence Hall! Let’s get to know some fun facts before we dive into this author’s large amount of books. He has some great reviews, and  a very interesting author bio.

Fun Facts About Lawrence

Hobbies and interests: include video games, coaching youth basketball and listening to music.

Star sign: Taurus

Meet The Author

What do you get when you mix Spartacus with Spaceballs? We’re not sure either, but somewhere in there is Lawrence Hall. A man of few words until he begins speaking, you can often find him with a smile on his face, until he takes a picture. Then he tries to put on his best 1990s hardcore hip hop persona, which would be a mix of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Unless MC Hammer is on the radio. Hailing from the capital city of the USA, he has over 10 years of teaching experience. This means Lawrence has mastered the art of daydreaming and not listening, but pretending he hears and sees everything. He’s the perfect chameleon. An avid film buff, and lover of HEA, he’s too much of an optimist to want anything else. His motto: I may fall like Autumn but I’ll rise a new season. Making his debut in May 2019 as a bona fide romance author, you can find him all over your favorite social media. Lawrence loves to engage and invites you to come stalk…I mean…follow him!

Follow Lawrence!

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Here’s a couple of books he”d love to share

LH book1

Maggie Lane is a professional Wing Woman. It is her job to teach men how to attract the woman of their dreams. Her goal is to give men the tools to create lasting memories, and she is very good at it. One day, after a mind-blowing one-night stand rocks her to her core, her best friend hires Maggie to teach her shy, older brother. The problem? Maggie hadn’t seen him in years, so imagine her surprise when she discovers that her best friend’s brother is the man she had the one-night stand with. Can Maggie overcome her personal feelings and help him find the perfect woman?

James is fit, good looking, and financially stable. He also has difficulty speaking to women. The thought of engaging with them in conversation makes him want to dive off the nearest cliff. He wants more out of life but isn’t sure how to get it. One night, after a couple of drinks, he decides to take a chance and approach the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. She takes control and gives him the wildest night of his life. The problem? She’s his younger sister’s best friend. Now she wants to help him find the woman of his dreams, even though he thinks he’s already found her. Can James find a way to tell her how he feels before it’s too late, or will his fear cause him to settle for someone else?

*Warning – Wing Woman is a standalone, and is book one in the forthcoming The Ladies of Orias series. This book contains strong sexual content, language, and a brief mention of cheating. It should only be read by mature audiences*

Check Out This Book Here On Amazon



LH book2

Ashlyn Rivers is a detective in the Orias Police Department. Every day she goes about doing her part to protect and serve the people. Recently, a new criminal organization has moved into the city. If they continue to disturb the current crime boss and his empire, they will start a turf war that will hurt a lot of innocent people.

The mayor, meanwhile, has declared that the Vigilante is to be arrested on sight for fear others may try to copy him. Ashlyn cannot explain it, but she feels a connection with him and believes that he actually helps the OPD. If he truly has the abilities they say, she can sleep better at night knowing he has watch. Many in the department, however, will go out of their way to make a name for themselves by being the cop that brings him in. Even if it costs lives.

There’s a war coming and a lot of blood will be shed unless Ashlyn can stop it with help from the Vigilante. That’s if the Orias Police stay out of the way.

She works for the law, he works above it. Will they find a way to save the city and come together, or will their worlds forever keep their love apart? This debut novel puts a fresh spin on the female heroine, the man that loves her and those she’s sworn to protect.

Note- this is a series and there are more books!

Check Out The Book Here On Amazon


I  recommend all romance lovers check out this author, he has a shit-load of positive reviews at the time of writing this, and isn’t it just wonderful and  exciting to read a male’s take on this wonderful genre? Give him a follow on his links above, check out his Amazon page here.

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