Reflection #3: Path to Success


What a day, some people work a life time for their dreams to come true and ”die trying’(as 50 Cent the rapper would have us believe). I’ve always believed in the power of the universe, and where there’s a will there’s most certainly a way be positive and work hard. Today I received news that I will have a second book published this year, just 3 months after my 1st!  The book synopsis and sample chapters I  sent over to my publisher have been accepted! My reaction was the same as the first time I opened an email with this news and a contact laid out in front of me, I lost my dam mind! Then  screamed down the phone to my mama. The feeling was no different the second time around, I’ m just as nervous  also.

 Novel #1 has been submitted to the publisher so I’m writing #2 right now, it’s within the romance genre again,  with a Christmas release date. A short novella story. And YES I will get around to finishing my first ever book I started to write a gritty crime fiction story set in London and Amsterdam, the pause was due to life, answering a publisher’s call with my romance /suspense idea, and the fact that I  need to research police procedures in the UK before I felt comfortable moving on with the plot. Good news is 2 of my closest girlfriends can help, they are both qualified solicitors in criminal law, (lawyer if you’re an American reader) so I hope to pick their brains, and finish up that baby.

As I reflect, I think about what I’ve learned when it comes to fiction writing sold for commercial reasons rather than to keep to yourself, the first 3 chapters have GOT to make a reader care about the characters or forget it, who would want to read further if they don’t? Or even offer you a publishing deal. Where possible research, research, research ! And become the characters, really portray what they think and feel so they are almost 3D. If a scene does not add to the progress of the story-remove it

So I’m about to go into a few months of labour again- that’s the best way I describe writing  a novel at times 🙂  slow and steady  painful in places … but I’m ganna get busy and crack this  idea kicking around in my head, and get down on paper in full and give birth to it for the whole world to read. Well romance fiction  lovers at least.

Just a short reflection from me on what I’m learning and to share the news about what’s coming up!

”Dream big, work hard, it might just happen”



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