Book Review: Art and Science of Meditation 2.5 Stars (Non-Fiction/Esoteric/ Spirituality)


Thank you to NetGallery for my free copy, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own. Man, this has to be the hardest review I’ve done in years. I was looking over the non-fiction section (as always) and picked this up out of pure interest, with no agenda weeks ago. Being the summer solstice this weekend and an eclipse, I thought it be a great time to flick through. I love these kind of subject matters to explore.



Final Thoughts 2.5 stars

I imagined this would make a great reference book, one that you could flick through dip in and out of or read cover to cover.  Either way I imagined a great reference book of some sort. What I found was a LOT of information, but not really sure if much of it is useful ( to me personally). I loved the idea of this book, and really do have  lots of interest in this topic and very open minded, but  the second thing I found was, the organisation of this book is  not  very helpful to read cover to cover or as a reference.  It jumps from subject to subject. Lot of info at the start, not much introduction to the subject matter, and all the information is  from a very scientific POV. Which is fine, I can handle science but with an explanation, rather than just handed to you. It wasn’t that I was lost as I read through, I just couldn’t see how it was helpful I guess,  or what is key. Because of this I found it hard to make links, see relevance or find interesting.

The most helpful area for me was the section on chakras,  that said I knew a lot of this info already. Overall, it was hard for me to take away much info from the book, or learn much with the organisation, jumping and lack of explanation. But  obviously the book has been researched well, that’s for sure! But what good is research with not much organisation of it so the logic can be found, or deeper explanations for the average Joe? This is such a hard review to do, I wanted to and thought I would LOVE THIS BOOK and buy a copy for my book shelf, but sadly 2.5 stars from me.

But I wish the author well and hope that there is a readership found for the book and I thank Netgallery greatly for my free copy.

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