Writing Prompt…It’s hard, But Surely There’s A Positive…

morning-2243465_1280Writing prompt: It’s hard, but surely there’s a positive…

Last night like you probably did too, I watched the late night news and fell into bed somewhat exhausted. But it wasn’t  a feeling of needing sleep, in fact with ‘lock down’ and not being able to leave the house I’ve had plenty of that! No, it was a different kind of tired. I was tired of being worried, scared, and panicked by the state of the world right now. Coronavirus, one word and it sets everyone on edge. In fact, last night I saw an ambulance pull up outside my neighbour’s house, I was gripped with fear as that neighbour has a little boy the same age as my son.

Anyway, I’m tired of being worried, as I sat on the edge of the bed it came to me, this writing prompt I created myself. “It’s hard, but surely there’s a positive”. I decided with today being the 1st April it’s all about new energy, new vibes, and a new glass half full state of mind. I wanted to list exactly what I’m grateful for and feel  positive about even, if there’s a major world pandemic that’s set everyone’s life as they know it upside down.

So here goes, I sit here now at lunch time in my garden writing this, it’s a beautiful sunny day and that in itself is a reason to smile! Here’s my list of the  positive!! That I will bring with me into April and what I’m grateful for… it’s hard, but surely there is a positive right now. And I strongly believe if you put out your intentions to the Universe you’ll be heard!




  • I’m healthy, and so far so are all of my family members and friends. This virus has not touched us.


  • I have a home that’s safe, warm, and can shelter myself and family during this madness- many don’t.


  • I’m not ‘stuck in the house’ with people I hate, or can’t stand.  Some people are, imagine that! You know what’s funny when this whole lock down thing started, I thanked God that I was not experiencing it with my son’s father! In the same house. My son and I would have been fucked!! I kinda laughed to myself last night and thought, ‘thank God I got rid of him before lock down happened’ LOLZ.


  • I’m grateful for my son’s step-father, and step-daughter whole-heartedly. While due to the travel ban they’re not here, they’re safe, and that I’m grateful for!!


  • Lock down has allowed me to focus more ( than I already do), on my son’s schooling.  Our bond is close anyway, but as we’ve all been in the house for the last what, nineteen days or so it’s like we’ve really bonded again! we’ve enjoyed our days.


  • I’ve made great progress with writing, yesterday I posted some ‘lock down goals’ and I have one story fully outlined! Today I wish to ramp up the word count.


  • I have food, clothes, water all at my disposal when some don’t right now. Like for example in Italy where people are looting stores due to their need.


  • Thankfully, I work at home anyway so this lock down has not messed up work. But, the challenge is that I’ve had to change work hours around, so I can work when the house is quiet…which is no major thing. I’m just working late at night or early hours of the morning- nothing major as I’m a night owl anyway and don’t mind it. A lot of people right now their ability to earn has been cut off, as they can’t really work at home, but must stay home. Or they risk their lives  and those of their family by leaving the house to go to work. Not knowing if they will come into contact with the virus, and bring it home! They deserve ‘danger money’ pay in my eyes.


So overall, I feel that it’s hard right now but there are positives. And we all must remember this no matter how small the positives are be thankful!! You are alive and reading this, be thankful all you have to do is wash your hands and be careful. You’re not (hopefully) in the hospital fighting for your life. I challenge you, today, this week, as we enter a new month with new energy and vibrations, to think about exactly what there is  can be positive about and thankful, during this time of madness! Then write that shit down! And don’t forget it!! Even drop your link  to your blog post below so I can read it.

6 thoughts on “Writing Prompt…It’s hard, But Surely There’s A Positive…

  1. So true! As much I would love too, I don’t work from home but being home these last few days, I’m finding myself relishing the days I did work from home. You’re right, the key is to stay positive and live in gratitude!

    Stay safe!!


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