Writing Prompt- Cupid’s Arrow Has A Crazy Aim!

So it’s Valentine’s Day (and happy birthday to me too), today’s prompt in my book is ‘write an ode to something or someone you love’, so here goes…

What Do I think about love?

Really good question, personally I do love it but it can be a crazy, scary, and dangerous thing. At the age of thirty-seven I have learned you can’t control who, when, or how you fall in love. That said you should be careful who you give your heart to! Trust me, I know that part well.

Cupid’s Arrow Has A Crazy Aim…



These days, I feel really good about love as yes, I’m in love again. After a painful break-up I never thought I’d say that again. But I’m  well over that!!  Cupid’s aim is crazy, and feel like maybe this could be my happy ever after.

So how do I feel about love? I now know what real love is, before this I thought I was in  love with someone who I spent a number of years with, but compared to how I feel now that was NOT love. I now know that when it’s real you will know, when you have found your soul mate  or twin flame you will recognise each other, even if there’s an obstacle such as distance in between.

‘write an ode to something or someone you love’

Dear Mr. X

Happy Valentine’s Day, while we can’t celebrate it together this year due to the distance, just know that I’m thinking of you, you mean a lot to me. I find it so strange, cool and exciting this whole ‘situation’ we have! But I’m committed to it just like you, and really excited. And yes, this meeting is fated like you said,  we’ve known each other for years and so glad we’ve admitted how we feel, and said the ‘L word’. I’m so glad that I’ve found you. Next year rather than a blog post I hope to be by your side!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Kimmy


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