Book Review- ‘Right For The Job’ by Laura Westbrook (Billionaire Romance) 4 Yummy Stars. Mmmm He’s Yummy!

Right For The JobThank you to this author for an ARC in exchange for an honest review, it’s been a minute since I’ve read a good Billionaire romance, featuring a yummy rich man! The cover pulled me in, I do like a man in a suit. I really enjoyed this novella, the main guy reminded me of  E.L James’ Christen Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey… let’s get into this review…


She knows she’s right for the job. The only person standing in her way is Shane Bennett.

Amanda works hard. At twenty-three, she has her life planned out and her career is on the rise. This interview is her big chance. She’s prepared and ready to nail it. But she isn’t expecting Shane Bennett to walk through that door.

Shane’s only visiting Amanda’s branch. It’s a courtesy. He doesn’t expect to meet the love of his life. But now that he has, he’ll do everything in his power to keep her.

If you enjoy steamy romance stories with alpha men, guilty pleasures, happily ever afters, no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a touch over-the-top, then you’ll love Right For the Job. Get your fix with a story that hits the spot and doesn’t take all year to read.

Kim’s Review- 4 Yummy Stars!

I do love rich and successful men in my romance, but I prefer them when they’re not too arrogant in how they treat females, due to their riches. The whole control factor I’m not a big fan of. This novella features a great male lead I liked Shane from the get go, right off the bat his coolness, the dry sarcastic personality at times, and of course he’s successful  business. What I really enjoyed about this novella is the characters themselves. I was drawn to Shane’s vibe, and his way of ‘getting what he wanted’ his girl! The female lead she too is like-able, but has a very innocent way about her.

The story flowed well, there’s a great steamy moment between these two. And I found the author did a good job too! The story to me ended in an unexpected way,  which I liked and enjoyed. While I guessed something right ( no spoilers), I did not expect Shane to allow Amanda to be a ‘career woman’. I half expected the author to follow the pack and turn her into a rich man’s wife! Kudos to Laura Westbrook for breaking the norm.

Overall, this is a quick moving novella, and yes there is insta-love, so if you’re not a fan of this keep this in mind. But what I will say is  the insta-love is realistic, I have read some  ‘insta-love’ that just make me shake my head in disappointment, and cringe. Given the way these two meet and the work environment, and how it ties in with the story for me it was believable and realistic. And  let’s face it sometimes we meet people and ‘just know’ we want them, as our hero Shane did. Four yummy stars from me for a yummy male lead, well written story, good flow and a happy ever after that was unexpected. I would recommend this author to all those who like contemporary romance, rich men ,  billionaire romances, and of course don’t mind  insta-love.  I would read more from this author. Connect with her here

And it’s free on Kindle Unlimited to read also at the time of this review, check out Right For The Job here on Amazon.


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