Sharing Some Goodies With you This February…

So it’s February, that can only mean one thing, romance authors are taking over! Here’s some goodies to dive into below.

30 plus romanceIf you appreciate romance for your age range click here and discover some great authors! Books are on KU also.

KU Exotic Fiction

Escape to an exotic location, click here and discover tome great authors! All genre fiction in beautiful locations.

KU Romance

I love my romance diverse! Some great authors here. Click here to discover.


RS Bundle

Love romantic suspense? Great here’s some of the best RS authors in the game. Click here to discover.

Romance Author's Take Over

Like I said, we’re taking over in February! Click here to discover some great authors of all romance sub-genres.

RS Bundle 2

Some hot romantic suspense in this group too! Click hereto discover.

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