Writing Prompt Poll! Vote In Your Favourite Prompt

As some of you may remember, Didi Oviatt and I have been working on the second set of short stories to publish in The Suspenseful Collection Vol. 2. (See Vol. 1 here)  We worked on many of these short stories as sort of interaction blog posts last year and the year before. We’d throw a bunch of prompts and ideas out there at the beginning of every week, and then let the readers decide which ones we’d write by the following week’s poll post. This activity was so much fun for us!

What started as a challenge between the both of us to improve our writing skills, actually wound up being so much more than either of us anticipated!  It worked out so well, and we grew an amazing friendship in the process. I’ve enjoyed working with Didi so very much, and look forward to the release of Vol 2. Hopefully by spring it’ll be within the grasp of readers everywhere. The final touches are underway!



In the  meantime, as we finish up the final brushes of fate for all these insanely original characters of the bonus stories that we’ve yet to share anywhere, we kind of thought ‘what the hell, let’s do another poll and let the readers decide on one last topic for short story to share on our blogs for old time sake!’ 

So kindly, pick something that really shouts at you, and then press that lovely submit button at the bottom!! Chose us a story, and in a couple of days we’ll close the poll and let you know the winning prompt!! The same options will also be posted on twitter polls, and possibly even FB if we’re feeling particularly pushy, so feel free to cast more than one vote if something really tickles your fancy. From there, one of us will start the story and hand it off to the other to finish. No pre-discussions, no deciding the characters or their fate together, everything we write is 100% impromptu … like I said, a fun challenge, right?!


Thank you so much for weighing in!  We’ll close the poll in a couple of days, and let you know the winner before diving into telling it’s tale!


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