Book Review- “Powder” By Peter Mack, 5 Really Good Stars! (Crime Fiction/Love n’Hustle)

Thank you to Peter Mack for a free copy in exchange for an honest review! Do you remember when I reviewed Stone De La Bru   ? This is a novel by the same author. Man what a read *giggles*. When I spoke to him after he defined his genre of work as ‘love n’ hustle with a thriller, crime fiction vibe’, after I tried to place it in a category in the last review. I would agree I really enjoyed this ‘love n’ hustle tale.’  Let’s get into the review.

About the Book

Nipsey Hussle’s murder rocks the streets of Los Angeles as the Black Revolutionary Underground, under federal investigation for drug trafficking, money laundering and organized crime, loses members to Spider, a Satanist, murdering his way to Ayana Cherry who’s saved by an arrest for the year-old murder of her boyfriend at Applebottoms Gentlemen’s Club.
Ayana returns to Los Angeles to assist her ailing mother when she finds love in an unsuspecting place, and in a man who is as mysterious yet familiar as he is wealthy.
Prada enjoys a life of privilege and luxury. She travels the world and is adored by wealthy men for her secret treasure. But there’s something missing in her life.
A mission of sexual intrigue brings Ayana and Prada together to save one from her past and the other from her future. The result will haunt them both.
Prada is called in to deliver Spider to Stone Sweetwater, a BRU member, when Ayana”s fiance and BRU moneyman is gunned down just as the BRU family embarks on a billion dollar economic platform in partnership with Nipsey Hussle.
What follows is the execution of a plan that includes sexual blackmail, torture and deception to capture Spider, free Ayana, return exiled BRU members, and restore order to the Black Revolutionary Underground.
Love can be conditional Loyalty must be absoluteBoth come at a price.
This novel also features Brenda (Brenda: Barely Legal), Nutcracker (S’Murda At Sweetwater Manor), Rev. Mathias Lovejoy (A Neighborly Affair), Starla ( LICKS: Dirty. Nasty. Daddy.) and Stone Sweetwater ( The Family Sweetwater) with excerpts from complimentary novels.
POWDER serves as the culmination of interwoven narratives from reader favorite novels, detailing the BRU family and the common goal they all share.
POWDER also includes exclusive author photos and a Pascal DuPree Writing Gems Podcast interview of the author which reveals the motivation for his vision.
Peter Mack is the pen name of Isiko Cooks, recipient of a 2015 PEN America Center book prize for his memoir, FILTHY: Innocence Lost. He is President of Peter Mack Presents, LLC; founder of Signature Peter Mack Apparel, and author of over 25 books. He is from Los Angeles, California.
Learn more about this dynamic novelist and business owner. Interviews. Reviews. Videos. Bio. Pics. Social Media links and more at*Contact:Email:


Kim’s Review 5  Really Enjoyable Stars

I don’t even really know where to start, there is so much I enjoyed about this book. I genuinely really enjoy the author’s style of story telling and delivery. I find it frank, raw and authentic of urban life, but at the same time mature.

I find this author creates some very believable, realistic and mature characters. Given the genre, where his work touches on the drugs, money and ‘hustle’ of urban life in LA, it’s not stereotypical. Do you know what I  mean? The men are mature, in age, mindset and very powerful.  ( Could be as the author I believe is a mature man himself, like over thirty I mean he’s lived life). They are rich, but not from petty street crime they are organised business men, dabbling in a few illegal things LOL. I loved the male line up. All bar one character, Spider the role he plays in Ayana’s demise is so sad. That said, we are not meant to like him. The female line up is just as great, they are beautiful women and highly respected. Not cheap ‘hoes’, they are women of power, good standing and have good street cred too.

Characters- well developed, believable and left me feeling like I want to know more. This book ties in a few of the characters from previous books. My favourite so far being Stone Sweetwater. I would like to read all of their backstories. I found it extremely creative to tie in a bunch of characters in one story.

Plot- I did not really understand or have good knowledge of Nipsey Hussle, me  being British and so far from the streets of urban west coast USA, forgive me I had to hit Google to understand. He was a very powerful man too, and after reading I felt that the plot really does pay tribute to him. The plot also is so engaging, I was up very late at night with this book, sometimes until 2.00am with a 6.00am wake up looming. It’s fast moving too.

Suspense, thrill and organised crime– there is a lot of suspense in this plot, like what will happen to Ayana, Spider and Prada. It kept me glued.

Element of romance- YES!! Can you believe it, there’s a romance sub plot up in here!! I enjoyed watching love bloom too.

The ending- at the end I fully understood this author’s hashtags #dotheworkearntheperks etc and it made so much sense and tied up. I loved that!

Overall, I am a true fan of this author’s work, and plan to read the books I have downloaded. I find his work interesting and his background interesting too. It’s so different from typical works of the street lit or urban tales. Due to the character line up  being mature, with more mature motives too, and very diverse.  The stories seem to be based on a group of people with real status. I would recommend this author’s work to all those who love crime fiction, street lit that’s mature, and urban tales, and real life drama based fiction that’s  entertaining. Yeah, five stars from  me!



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