Serious Question For All Writers> What’s Your View /Experience on Paid Submissions?


Morning all… just looked at the time it’s like 12.45 a.m my time! Got a little engrossed this evening in work. I have a serious question for anyone who classes themselves as a writer. Have you ever paid for a submission? Be it to a publisher, contest, agent whatever does not matter. I have never done it, and really never considered it, but I have one work in progress I am thinking of taking a chance on paid submission.  What’s your view or experience with this? Drop a comment with your personal view and experience, or vote I’d really love to know what the general feel is about this.

I’ll be honest,  have said before today that ‘I think that we (writers) should never pay to have work read, after all if we get a deal they ( publisher /agent/ whoever) get their pockets lined from us anyway! And us sending out work to a certain person, they should feel pretty lucky, not charge us a reading or contest fee etc!’…. BUT now I am wondering if I had it all wrong??… The mind boggles, someone enlighten me on your view or experience.



4 thoughts on “Serious Question For All Writers> What’s Your View /Experience on Paid Submissions?

  1. A few times I’ve paid to enter a contest sponsored by a branch of the Romance Writers of America, because I trust them to be covering their costs rather than ripping me off. I haven’t and wouldn’t pay for someone to publish my books. I figure they have no incentive to market the book since they make their money from submissions rather than sales.

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    • Hi Ed, hope you’re well thanks for your take on this. So really, what I’m picking up is that it’s the legitimacy we need to look at. I have heard of publishers who want you to pay yes, I would not do that I feel the same as you. How about ‘reading fees’ are these ( from what you understand) the same as publishers hiding behind the ‘pay me to publish’ banner? And do you think that there is a limit when it becomes extortion in the fee? Like say over 20 USD? Even though 20 USD in my currency is really not a lot of money though….


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