#suicideawareness The Affair (my real introduction)

I can’t believe this, I stumbled on this blog as I was reading through my ‘reader’ page. The poetry struck me as rather deep so I kept reading, I am far from a poet and love to see the work of others who have that talent. The author has just shared a little about how her words came about she is due to release her work soon. I just want to show a little support as from reading the ‘reasons’ behind her work, her journey really does need to be shared for the benefit of others. I guess it pays to be nosy and click on things you would not ordinarily on WordPress.

I Am Jann Doe

NzOhY1556811933It’s been one week since I started this little poetry blog, and it dawned on me this morning that I’m yet to properly introduce myself. Let’s start with a confession… Jann Doe isn’t my ‘real’ name (clearly). Let’s move forward to another confession… I’m hiding behind this pen name because my poetry reveals a side of me that I’d rather my friends and family didn’t see. Okay, okay, let’s just keep the honesty a rollin’… I had a troublesome childhood and youth in many ways, and yes, I AM considering my early twenties to be a part of my youth. If that’s not youth, then I don’t know what is! Last confession (for today)… An affair that I had over a decade ago recently came back to bite me on the ass.

Let me explain: This man and I were close for many years before we ever…

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