#poetry Blocks and Broken

I love stumbling across great blogs, a very uplifting poet here. Lots of interesting things to read, and feel the emotion of.

I Am Jann Doe

Blocks and Broken,

It’s the name of a song.

It’s played by young kids,

And, it’s not very long.

It has a great purpose,

Interval notes it does teach.

You can put together three,

Only when you’ve mastered each.

The same goes for life,

We have three key things.

Our mind, body, and emotions,

Make a harmonious ring.

But first let’s detach,

Clear the clutter from their paths.

Focus on one at a time,

Take a deep breath, make it last.

Only when we’re ready,

Can we play them together.

If we slow, take our time,

A perfected song can play forever.

-Jann Doe


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