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Grab yourself a freebie…… I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS AUTHOR’S WORK! I have read and reviewed her books with delight. I’ve got my copy grab yours, links are below.

About The Book

Ten years ago, Tara and Ryder were high-school sweethearts. After graduation, Ryder asked her to marry him but before the wedding he disappeared. Devastated, Tara left Key West and relocated to South Texas to begin a new life. She put herself through law school and landed a job with a prestigious law firm in Corpus Christi.

Ten years have gone by. Life is good. Tara purchased a red Corvette. One that she’s has always wanted but could never afford until now.

Mindy, her best friend from high-school talks her into coming back to Key West for a ten-year class reunion. Within minutes of arriving at her beach house, Tara learns that Ryder, now an ex-Marine, will be attending the same reunion and sleeping under the same roof…

They haven’t spoken in ten years. Sparks will fly!

Do you believe in second chances?

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