Throwback Thursday x2! Who remembers this one…. #throwback #oldschool #music

The story behind this second track I’m throwing back this week is… well…. it’s a bit embarrassing really. I’m throwing it back just for fun. I was clearing out some old clothes, and tried to squeeze into a pair of old jeans I found. They don’t fit ! *cringe* I guess I’m just too  “bootylicious for ya baby.”  This song came to mind. 🙂  The jeans are on the charity donation pile.

Thank you Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj , Jennifer Lopez, and Lil’ Kim the rapper  for shaking things up! Celebrating all the bootylicious women in the world this throwback Thursday. Be proud of that booty! You are not ‘fat’ it’s sexy some would say. I remember when this song came out back in the day, Destiny’s Child were at their best and Beyonce was in the spotlight for her ‘bootylicoius’ figure. Well done ladies for your achievements, and well done Beyonce for embracing what nature gave you, it has made you a lot of money in the process. Ladies shake your thing to Destiny’s Child this Thursday.

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