Throwback Thursday! & Writing My Inspiration. Who remembers this one #throwback @britneyspears

So last Sunday I announced that I am revamping my short novella story I published as part of an anthology, with my old publishers of the original work. I’m republishing my novella as the first book of my  next romance series. Anyway,  I was looking for a song as I was writing (revamping) a scene where a female character… dances on a pole ! What better song to do a sexy dance to than one of Britney’s finest ‘ Slave 4 U.’

I remember when this song came out years ago and I saw the video, I was mesmerised by the routine Britney does at 1.36 into the video. It’s a bit like Madonna’s Vogue. I jumped on YouTube and watched choreographers teach the steps in this section of the video in slow motion… yep actually learned Britney’s famous moves,  it took a lot a practice as Britney is such a great dancer this routine is HARD to say the least it’s so fast. While I could not do it as well as her obviously,  back then I managed to remember the routine and work up a great sweat burning a few calories.  I love me some Britney, and so glad she has turned her life around and being a great mama to her boys, regardless of what the haters have said in the past. I always rooted for her to get on track. Thanks for the inspiration while writing last weekend Britney.  I’m throwing it back musically with classic Britney at her best.

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