#London …

Thank you so much to everyone who as sent me a message to say ” are you all right?”, during the last two attacks we’ve had here in the UK. Yes I’m fine! In light of what happened over night I found out about the attack ,when a girlfriend in Paris sent me a text to ask if I’m okay.  I looked at my phone like … is she okay? Why is she  so panicked.  I turned on the TV and was really upset it was all over the news. The attack was just a few miles from me in London Bridge central London. A place I have wrote about so many times as well in my stories, it’s such a vibrant part of London. Especially at night.

Last night, my family were asleep and I was behind my laptop ,knocking out a few thousand words writing while the attack happened. I had no idea. I went straight to bed in the early hours of the morning. I heard no announcements on the radio as I worked late into the night, which is surprising.

This morning I headed out cautiously to the supermarket. My son, and I saw a heavy police presence on the streets of London. That’s good I guess. I bumped into a friend, a mature lady who was deeply upset as her son was there last night. He witness the whole damn thing. He is safe. I will be clued to the news most of the day via the radio, as my son has taken over the TV with Toy Story movies lol. He is so small, he has no idea of what evil there is in the world at just three years old.

If you or anyone you know has lost someone in the attacks last night, I pray for you today and I am deeply sorry. If you or anyone you know lost someone  in the attack a few weeks back, in Manchester in the north of the UK, at Ariana Grande’s concert, I also pray for you and I am deeply sorry .

London and Manchester let’s stand shoulder to shoulder, and hope that our government has a way to deal with no further attacks on our wonderful cities around the UK.


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