I’ll take my romance with a side of adventure.

As a romance author myself, I see where Sara is coming from 100%. I’ll take my romance with a side order of adventure and drama. Give Sara a hand with her research, romance readers how do you like your romance? Take a look at her research poll and see if you can help with a click of a button.

Sara Ackerman, author

As I was researching for my current book, I came across a blog written by a historian who claimed she hated historical romance that did not exactly follow the construct of the era in which the story is set. In fact, she preferred an ordinary romance in which boy and girl meet, boy and girl fight/misunderstand/do anything they possibly can think of to sabotage their relationship before boy and girl fall in love and marry.

Personally, I prefer alternative historical romance in which many of the era’s constructs remain true to history while others are altered (in a believable manner if one cares to set aside any preconceived notions about what is and isn’t acceptable in a historical romance) . My stories tend to fall into this category. While not ‘wallpaper’ romances, they are stories that could have happened within a given society’s parameters. Consequently, my stories feature more than…

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