Two 5 Star Reviews!… No Way!

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It appears readers are really enjoying A Stranger in France, those that read my preview copy here’s what they said on Amazon…

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Format: Kindle Edition

To the outside world, Kate has it all! A nice London apartment. A fabulous job at Clapham High Academy. Years of hard work has paid off. She’s over the entire English department. But that isn’t enough. She’s in a dead end marriage. A year ago, her husband lost his job. Now, he sits home all day drinking, smoking and thinking up ways to demean her. Her achievements remind him of his failures. The emotional abuse he imposes becomes unbearable. She wants their marriage to work. Only, he doesn’t. Not even on Valentine’s Day when he chooses football with his friends, over spending the day with her. It’s the last straw. It gives her the courage to move on.

When the academy closes for Spring break, she hops a plane to Marseille Provence, France to visit a friend. One night, they go to a fancy nightclub. Right away, Kate’s smitten with the rich, handsome club owner. The attraction is mutual. As things escalate, she’s torn between wedding vows and what her body and soul craves.

This highly descriptive story has something for everyone! Romance, suspense, and an unexpected twist you won’t see coming!

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Format: Kindle Edition

An excellent debut book. Well done! This is the kind of story that I can get my teeth into. I do enjoy books with strong women character, who show spirit and determination. Finally Kate realises that her husband is not pulling his weight in their marriage and neither is he appreciating her efforts to keep them afloat during a rough patch. With her mum and best friend to support her emotionally she decides to take a break from the marriage to clear her head.
Unfortunately her head gets clogged up with other complications while on holiday in France and she struggles with her conscience on how to proceed.
It’s easy to feel for Kate, and you get caught up with her tale from the get-go, especially as you get inside the the heads of all the character..
A good story with a twist.a-stranger-in-france-1

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