How To Tell If Your Child Is Going To Be A Writer #SundayBlogShare #Writers #Writer

Pretty impressive list I had as a child 1,5,6,7 and 11. I’ll be watching my son closely. He already picks up his many books and retells the story by looking at the pictures. Bless him he’s only 2.



Your child is showing an interest in reading and writing – does this mean one day they will become a writer?

Before you get too excited (or groan) here are some other future writer signs to watch out for…

  1. Your child spends a lot of time in fantasy land or as my mother used to say about me ‘away with the fairies’… 
  2. They like their own company.
  3. They have an intense stare, which feels like they are reading your mind.
  4. They have formed their own reader following consisting of dolls, teddies, plastic figures and sleeping grandparents. Once they have finished their story they will scan their group for signs of feedback. Any toys that have a miserable expression on their plastic faces, will be quickly removed and banished to the toy box…forever.
  5. They already have a love for arduous and tedious creative work. The prospect of going back into their…

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