Writing Prompt: Day #3 Get Your S*** Together!… Book Excerpt






I sat down at my laptop tonight to actually look over the current book I’m working on, I’m in the swing of things now I’m done with A Stranger in France and my Christmas book . (I’ll tell you the name, do a cover reveal and chapter reveal nearer the release date I promise.) I got side tracked this evening as today’s WordPress writing prompt word ” together.” I had two very different reactions to the word,  first it was awww I like that word I can write a nice poem or something for that, the second was Danny hmmm he really needs to get his s*** together. Now if you’re not sure who Danny is, it’s Daniel Brown the villain in A Stranger in France. One character I had fun writing. I took a risk and wrote him in a bad light and gave him centre stage along side Kate and Nicholas. So Back to Danny, a prize idiot in my view, who needs to get it together ASAP! I won’t give it all away and tell you why, but here’s an excerpt from A Stranger in France from Danny’s POV showing just how much he needs to get his s*** together.


 Danny is sitting at the kitchen table, it’s just gone lunch time yet he is hunched over his second beer already. In total silence in deep thought. The past two weeks have been a haze for him –literally. He arrived home that Saturday night two weeks ago on Valentine’s Day expecting to see a grieving Kate. He knew she would come around. Give her an hour or two and she’d be trying to talk with him and make peace.

The game had been good Arsenal won 2-0 against Manchester United, in his view it was well worth missing all the Valentine’s Day dribble he thought to himself, as he made his way home to Clapham from Woolwich, on the most romantic day of the year.

 But on his arrival home Danny could not believe it when he had read Kate’s note. It had been totally unexpected the bitch she’d left him. At the time all he could think was what did this mean? Were they over? Would she be back? He never once believed that Kate would up and leave him. To him Kate is a strong woman, determined and a fighter yes, but leave him? That was out of the question  ….. to be continued!

Over the last few weeks I’ve  focused on all three main characters, by posting an excerpt from inside  the book, using a word prompts which relate to each  character.If you’ve missed them and want to read more excerpts you can here just scroll through.

 If you want to know why Kate  left Danny, what he does about it and fall in love with the sexy lush Nicholas D’Coix (who I fell in love with while writing him), release day for A Stranger in France is Tuesday next week! On Amazon yippie! Just a few more days and you can escape, in this whirlwind of modern day romance- suspense set in three very different settings. And I hope you enjoy.



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