Day 13: Romance Novels in Color- Feature

Hi guys!

 Just thought I’d share with you the news that A stranger in France will not only feature in Coffee Time and Romance    and All Romance Reads in September and October but also  in Romance Novels in Color. I’m extremely proud for A Stranger in France to be featured on the front of this website, and in their subscriber’s news letter.  The funny thing is I just looked on line and my book cover is already there! This was not meant to go live until the 21st…. someone has made a whoopsy over there! But still a little early promotion I guess never hurt anybody. I wonder if they will notice and take it down??

If you’re a lover of romance (with a multicultural line up), you should check out Romance Novels in Color on-line, I’m about to  head over see what I fancy reading.

Hope you had a great day!

Stranger in France (1)

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