Writing Prompt Response: Journey Poem


Write a response to today’s WordPress writing prompt word: Journey. 

I feel in a light hearted and poetic mood today, I’ve responded to word prompts  this week and last with  short stories, to words like darkness, negative thoughts, and darkside I just had to put a positive spin on today’s word  and lift my blog mood 🙂

Life’s a journey one that we should enjoy,

Life’s a journey one that we shouldn’t try to avoid,

Life’s a journey, which sometimes  means starting  all over from the beginning,

Life’s a journey one that we may not always keep winning,

But  it’s  in the beginning, and maybe when we ‘re not in the process of winning,

One can become a whole new and better human being!

Life then takes on a whole new meaning, when you evolve and realise you’re now a better human being, it is at this point you are winning!

Life will put you in some sticky situations, but it will always reward you with  a cause for celebrations.

Life, is  a journey, LIVE  it, LOVE it, don’t regret it!


Just be patient and take your time , make your own decisions using your own ”3rd ”eye every

Opportunity is one that should not be missed, when you come up against a brick wall and you feel like you’ve  lost it all, open your third ”eye” and see what else there is to be thankful for.

Under no circumstances be anyone’s fool, love everyone but  only trust a few.

Recognise when you’re being taught something  new to further and better you.

Never think you can not, you can just make sure that you have a solid plan, and then I promise you, you can.

Every day is a blessing, you’ve  woken  up and  can take a new breath, so this means your journey can and will  continue.

Years will pass you by, always keep reaching for the sky, your journey will never be straight forward People come, people go, love is here and then it is not but if you’ve paid attention as I’ve mentioned your journey will become better.  Always keep looking forward.


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