My Novel Is Up For An Award ” Best Romance Novel 2017″…. SHIT OMG!! … I’d love a cheeky vote #amreading #romance


My hands are actually shaking and my son thinks his mama has gone crazy(ier) . What an afternoon, I’ve just been notified by another author that my first ever novel  A Stranger In France has been nominated for “Best Romance Novel” OMG!!!! I had no idea,  I said to her how did this happen and who entered it? Then lost my mind the typos in my email to her must have been shocking LOL.  I am so humbled, extremely excited and ya know what, just glad to have my work considered if I don’t win, I’m thrilled to have been considered for such an award… BEST romance? Arrrggh!!  Wait till I  tell my mum, you know this news before she does, I better get on the phone.

I’d love a vote on Facebook! That’s where the event is taking place See my pinned FB post with the poll.

Click the link

asif-book-cover crop.jpg

9 thoughts on “My Novel Is Up For An Award ” Best Romance Novel 2017″…. SHIT OMG!! … I’d love a cheeky vote #amreading #romance

    • Hello, thank you so much for your support. I loved writing that story it means so much to me. I feel like I’m I wanna cry just for being nominated for such an award. I don’t know how I ended up there, but I am thankful for whoever read and enjoyed my work . From what I understand, the top three go through and battle it out for 1st 2nd and 3rd place. Thank you for sharing, and voting and fingers crossed I can sit pretty in second place for the next week 🙂 and clam that title #TEAMKIM!!


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